Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets That You Must Try!

Going out to watch a movie with your loved ones has always been a favorite hobby for many people, the only issues is that it can be pretty darn expensive! Going to the movies weekly can set you back at least $40 a month; that’s money that could be spent on a week’s worth of groceries for your household! Not only that, if you are one of those people that likes to have a little refreshment and snack, you could pay another $15 for a $6 drink and a $8 dollar popcorn with tax (not even counting if you are paying for someone else). No worries though, I’ve got you covered.


The way I get free movies is I sign up for a bunch of companies that give you free tickets or give you updates on companies that are giving them out. While this method might not get you a free movie of your choice EVERY week, it gives you the option to get some free passes. You’re probably wondering now, why movie tickets would be given out to the public for free. Tickets are given out so that audience reaction can be gauged. Commonly, more than one movie version is made and for research purposes, you are able to watch one of these versions. It’s a win-win situation!


Advance Screenings

This site is the most useful if you just want to use a search engine to determine whether there are any available screenings in your area. You are able to see past screenings as well as ones that are upcoming. The purpose of this site is to direct you to screening opportunities so you will be redirected to another site to pick up the tickets. Be sure to check all of the links to search for available tickets as some will have likely reached full capacity by the time you find it. This is because there are only a certain amount of seats available each.

One thing you will notice about this site is that there are several different types of screenings. The ones that you have the best chance of getting will be categorized as ‘Printable Pass’ as opposed to ‘Contest’. The contest category is for people who want to be entered into a raffle type situation in which they MAY receive a free ticket.


One of the main perks about Gofobo is that you only need to visit their one site in order to check for screenings. Another is that they send out e-mail alerts for those who sign up for their website (highly recommend doing this!). As a tip, as soon as (I mean it!) you receive an e-mail from them about a screener, make sure to snag it then and there if you are interested. There are so so many people looking to get these tickets so you have to make yourself competitive. If you are on the toilet and receive an alert from your phone, pick up that phone!

Warner Bros Pictures

Warner Bros has their own screeners search for their movies specifically and they offer e-mail updates for those who do not wish to check their site daily.

Sony Screenings

This is another company website offering screeners specific to their movies. They offer e-mail updates as well.


Just like Warner Bros and Sony, Lionsgate has their own section meant for screeners and they provide e-mail updates for those who sign up.


You absolutely need to show up on time, and by that I mean EARLY! To ensure a full theater, tickets are sent out to more people than there are seats available and those who arrive first get the screeners. I have been in the situation (twice now) where I invited someone to go to a screener with me who is chronically late for things. As you probably guessed, we didn’t get in! As a tip, if you can tell a movie that you got for a screener is pretty popular, show up maybe an hour to an hour and a half early. Trust me, people will be there waiting in line.


If you are looking to watch whatever you’d like with some more savings, I highly recommend going to theater websites as they tend to post all of their offers online. If you’re lucky, your day off work will coincide with a discount day! For me, it seems Tuesdays are the sweet spot as I can visit a Regal Theater and get movie tickets ONLY $6.60!

Cinemark Discounts

Regal Value Days

At this point, there seem to be a whole lot of people who can easily get some entertainment for free. So go ahead and spoil your family with some extra movie outings this month!


There are actually opportunities for you (and possibly a friend) to score some extra cash by visiting your local theater. Companies like Market Force give assignments here and there for people to count movie attendees. While you won’t get rich off this opportunity, you can score yourself at least an extra $10 plus a free movie. So if you aren’t busy, why not?