8 Easy Braids That Will Fix Any Bad Hair Day

Braids can be a real life saver when it comes to bad hair days. Not only are they quick and easy to do, they look great and can even be in a done that makes frizzy hair look like it was intentionally messy. Without further ado, here are some gorgeous braid tutorials that will give you goddess status without hassle.

Pull Through Braid
Found From Luxy Hair

This braid reminds me of a Disney princess hair style, and I am totally digging it!

Waterfall Braid
Found From Pop Sugar

The simplicity and subtly to this braid style is really charming and can be used to keep hair out of your face.

Dutch Mohawk Ponytail
Found From Missy Sue

If you are looking to get some extra volume in your hairstyle, this is a great option!

French Milkmaid
Found From Missy Sue

I love how elegant this braid looks; I think it would pair awesome with a long flowing dress or a skirt.

Double Dutch Buns
Found From Life on Waller

While this one is on the wild side, it is still totally cool!

Braided Crown
Found From Lulus

I find this style to be really flattering and would wear it regularly.

Double Dutch Single Bun
Found From Barefoot Blonde

I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty lazy with my hair and have resorted to just putting it into a messy bun more often than not. This is a great alternative that I will definitely try out!

Top Knot
Found From Just Fab

Out of all of these, I think this one has a super adorable appeal to it.

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