A Visual Guide to Denver: Eat, Drink and Drink Some More

The urge to visit Denver has been pretty strong for us lately. With its large downtown area full of museums, gardens, parks, beer and even vegan food, this city seems to have everything we could ever ask for!

Deciding what to do was almost impossible with all the options, so AJ and I used the power of recommendations from a friend who used to live in the area. We made sure to include only our favorite parts of the trip, so if you’re looking to be in Denver soon, definitely try these suggestions out. : )

the ART, a hotel

Located in the Arts District of downtown Denver, you’ll find a modern gem called the ART. We knew we wanted to stay somewhere unique and this hotel stood out with its minimalist design and perfect location. They even have a museum that extends into the elevator, where you’ll find some really interesting videos playing on a TV.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how amazing this bathroom is? Let me tell you, I’ve stayed at plenty of hotels (especially in Las Vegas, where I live) and the ART has the best robe I’ve ever used. The inside is so soft and fluffy, I didn’t want to take it off!

Things to Do

Denver Botanical Gardens

This gorgeous garden got a ton of love from us during this trip, and we owed a lot of that to the perfect weather. During the summer, we’ve gotten so used to bracing ourselves every time we leave a climate controlled building, but the weather was actually better outside than indoors.

We spent the better half of the day just walking around and exploring, and probably would’ve stayed for longer if our bellies didn’t start growling! The do have a place to eat here, but we felt we needed to venture out to look for our meal.


New Belgium Brewery

Okay, so we kind of LOVE beer. Even though there are plenty of great choices in the Denver area for beer, it was a no brainer that we’d be driving out to Fort Collins for New Belgium. Fat Tire was my first love when it comes to beer and things haven’t changed much. 😉

While neither of us had been on a brewery tour before, we new this one was something special. We were lucky to even get in as most of their tour spots were taken for the whole month, and we didn’t even have an official spot on the tour. We signed up for the waiting list, and with a little luck, got in.

On the tour, you learn about the compassionate nature of the company as well as misconceptions about how you should drink your beer. Afterwards, we’d both gained a deeper appreciation for the company. If you have enough time, you really should check this place out!